So today we will provide a useful guide to anyone who wants to fix Power Inverter, voltage regulator or stabilizer and solar charge controller in Nigeria.

This article is to formally introduce Fixpie gadget repair company. At Fixpie, we have engineers and well trained technicians that will fix any issue that is wrong with your device including Integrated Circuit and motherboard replacement. Our engineers and technicians are well trained and will fix and replace damage electronic components in the situation where the board can not replace or as we deem perfect for the case. This will bring your faulty Inverter, voltage regulator and stabilizer, and solar charge controller back to life.

How it works:

As stated in the picture, you head to and click on the repair form to provide the details of your faulty gadget and your preferred pickup location. You decide to bring the gadget to our repair center or our dispatch team will pick it up from you. This service is available only to Lagos customers. We diagnose the gadget, fix the gadget and it will be ready for collection.

You can click here to get started.

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Yes we know that you may have purchased a low RAM device and you really want to make an efficient use of it. In this write-up, we shall look at what RAM cleansing and management application for the Android or any other OS will do for you and why you need to install one. Follow us as we explore this topic. Read more “What a RAM management application for Mobile device will do for you and why you need one!”

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I took the picture below during my last visit to #Accra Ghana. I was so impressed in the activities of the present Government of Ghana under President John especially on his strive to improve greatly the Information and Communication Technology in the country. Read more “Ghana Government distributes free Rlg laptops to all Students”

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Are you searching for a free Bible study software for your Windows PC/device? Ok, I can tell you now that E-Sword Bible study application will still be among the best software for Study had the developers made it non-free! I only compare E-Sword with an Android application: My Sword which is its variant. Read more “E-Sword –the best FREE Bible Study Application on the Windows PC”

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On Tuesday #Apple inc. Launched new iPhones into the Market, the IPhone 5S and Iphone 5C. Many iDevice users took a long breath hoping they have got what they have been waiting for from their long silent but innovative company, alas! We here at Mymobnet! lab have seen disappointments in this supposedly Android killer company. This isn’t the innovation Read more “5 strong reasons why you will dislike the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C”

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Hurray! Apple has finally launched their very long awaited iPhone 5 flagships: the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c on Tuesday 10/09/2013. Know the difference between these two titans.

For so long Apple fans have waited for this release even since the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S3 which threatened the survival of the California based Apple company. Read more “Apple iPhone 5S Vs (difference) iPhone 5C budget phone -With Video”

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Hello Mymobnet! Fans! We are glad to report now that the made in Nigeria Mymobnet! Free Android app has been approved by the CNET Team and published at -This is good news to us and Mymobnet! Android application developers because is about the best Tech site in the whole world and rated just #108 out of the hundreds of millions of websites in the world! See the Read more “Mymobnet! Free Android App now featured on CNET downloads!”

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Are you thinking of getting a Windows Phone perhaps alongside your Android? Think the Nokia Lumia 920 which is the acclaimed World’s most innovative phone for now! We’ve got the details you need, so read on! Read more “Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone Official Specifications and features”

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You may wonder what a waterproof phone is. To know if yours is one, try throwing it inside the pool or beach and see what happens to it after 2 minutes! Lol! Please don’t try this!

Anyway waterproof phones are built to be water resistant so you don’t have to worry if you need make a call while diving or if it mistakenly fell inside the pool or water…

Here are our Top 5 Waterproof phones:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (New)
  2. Sony Xperia Z

    Sony Xperia ZR waterproof phone, Photo: Android
    Sony Xperia ZR waterproof phone
  3. Kyocera Hydro Edge
  4. Casio GZ’One Commando 4G LTE
  5. Nec Terrain

They are all Android phones so tell us when you are going to migrate to any of them!

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Different Technologies & Their Founders……. (Like and Reshare)

1. Google: Larry Page & Sergey Brin
2. Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg
3. Yahoo: David Filo & Jerry Yang
4. Twitter: Jack Dorsey & Dick Costolo
5. Internet: Tim Berners Lee
6. Linkdin: Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue & Koonstantin Guericke
7. Email: Shiva Ayyadurai
8. Gtalk: Richard Wah kan
9. Whats up: Laurel Kirtz
10. Hotmail: Sabeer Bhatia
11. Orkut: Buyukkokten
12. Wikipedia: Jimmy Wales
13. You tube: Steve Chen, Chad Hurley & Jawed Karim
14. Rediffmail: Ajit Balakrishnan
15. Nimbuzz: Martin Smink & Evert Jaap Lugt
16. Myspace: Chris Dewolfe & Tom Anderson
17. Ibibo: Ashish Kashyap
18. OLX: Alec Oxenford & Fabrice Grinda
19. Skype: Niklas Zennstrom,JanusFriis & Reid Hoffman
20. Opera: Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner & Geir lvarsoy
21. Mozilla Firefox: Dave Hyatt & Blake Ross
22. Blogger: Evan Willams