So lets talk about Woocomerce Payment gateway for Kenya and Ugandan users. A payment gateway lets you receive payment through their platform.

So this article is for Woocommerce users or online store administrators who are in Kenya or Uganda. The following payment gateway will  let your users make secured payment to you via your website powered by Woocommerce.

Note that we have not individually tried all of this. Use at your discretion.

  1. TheBunch KE Pesapal Gateway for Woocommerce
  2. Rave Woocommerce Payment Gatewayay
  3. WooCommerce Rave Payment Gateway
  4. Jambopay WooCommerce Payment Gateway
  5. Woocommerce Mygate

Feel free to ask any question or to recommend any other payment gateway.

So today we will provide a useful guide to anyone who wants to fix Power Inverter, voltage regulator or stabilizer and solar charge controller in Nigeria.

This article is to formally introduce Fixpie gadget repair company. At Fixpie, we have engineers and well trained technicians that will fix any issue that is wrong with your device including Integrated Circuit and motherboard replacement. Our engineers and technicians are well trained and will fix and replace damage electronic components in the situation where the board can not replace or as we deem perfect for the case. This will bring your faulty Inverter, voltage regulator and stabilizer, and solar charge controller back to life.

How it works:

As stated in the picture, you head to and click on the repair form to provide the details of your faulty gadget and your preferred pickup location. You decide to bring the gadget to our repair center or our dispatch team will pick it up from you. This service is available only to Lagos customers. We diagnose the gadget, fix the gadget and it will be ready for collection.

You can click here to get started.

In some cases you will notice that Google contacts or other applications like the Google Play Music or Calendar, Games, etc will never synchronize your contacts but it will go ahead to synchronize other applications and processes in your phone. If you do not rectify this issue, you will find out that Google will not back up your latest contacts to your Google drive. This will also mean that your contacts will not be imported to your new phone when you try to restore it.

In this article, I will show you how you can force Google to synchronize your contacts or any other application as the case may be.


Now this is the solution that worked for me. Many online articles sadly do not recommend a working solution but this one works.

  1. Go to Menu>>Apps
  2. In Apps, go to the options at the top right and select: SHOW SYSTEM APPS
  3. In System apps list, scroll until you see the relevant app you want to synchronize. For example if it is Google contacts, select Google Contacts Sync application. See picture below:
  4. Force stop this application
  5. and also disable it.

Now here is the second part of what you have to do:

  1. Enable the application again
  2. Restart your phone
  3. Go to  SETTINGS>ACCOUNT>Google Account settings from your phone and now sync your Google contacts. It should work now.

Tell us if it worked. It worked for us.

How can you receive payments from your Nigerian clients through your Woocommerce online store? We are going to show you just how!

Woocommerce is a WordPress login that magically converts your WordPress website to an online store or e-commerce site. This is indispensable of you want to buy and sell a small or large catalogue of items on your website.

Now there are other plugins that can do this job but Woocommerce is unarguably the most popular and the best addon for this job.

So if you’re a Nigerian merchant or e-commerce owner, building an online store is simply not enough. You need payment gateways that accept Nigerian bank cards 🎴. Payment gateways are CBN licensed softwares that help you retrieve the money from your customer’s card and credit your bank account directly after a short period of time.

The most popular of these gateways is PayPal but unfortunately, this service is not open to Nigerians. This is the reason we put up this post.

Please note that Payment gateways accept commission per any successful transaction.

Woocommerce Payment gateways that accept Nigerian bank cards

So we have attempted to list all the payment gateways available on Woocommerce. This list is exhaustive but we will keep updating it as more gets added to the platform. I have tried only some of the e-commerce websites I built but I do not recommend any in this post.

I advice the reader to read up on each gateway in their respective websites.

Here goes our list :

  1. Paystack WooCommerce Payment Gateway

    Paystack WooCommerce Payment Gateway allows you to accept online payments from local and international customers

  2. Voguepay WooCommerce Payment Gateway

    Voguepay WooCommerce Payment Gateway allows you to accept payment on your WooCommerce store via Visa Card, MasterCard and Verve Card.

  3. Remita Woocommerce Payment Plugin

    Remita Woocommerce Payment Plugin allows you to accept payment on your Woocommerce store via Visa Cards, Mastercards, Verve Cards, eTranzact, PocketMo …

  4. APLUS Interswitch Nigeria WebPAY

    The A+ Interswitch WebPAY Plugin is a simple plugin that helps you accept Verve, MasterCard and VISA cards on your WooCommerce store or donations webs …

  5. SimplePay Official WordPress Plugin

    SimplePay is the best Online Payment Gateway for the Nigerian market.

  6. CashEnvoy WooCommerce Payment

    CashEnvoy Woocommerce Payment Gateway allows you to accept payment on your Woocommerce store via Visa Cards, Mastercards, Verve Cards and eTranzact.

  7. Rave Easy Digital Downloads Payment Gateway

    Rave Easy Digital Downloads payment gateway allows you to accept payment through multiple payment channels via Rave by Flutterwave

You can contact us if you want us to add or remove from this list.

Android phone and Tablet users will be familiar with this one problem that frustrates someone. “There is insufficient space on the device” message most times pops up when one wants to install an application. In this article, we shall show how you can free up your device’s storage space and subsequently install any application of your choice. Read more ““There is insufficient space on the device” -How to stop this error message when installing apps”

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Many lamented the demise of the iPod Classic, but it seems some people are willing to fork over tons of cash to get their hands on an old model.

On eBay, a rare version of the iPod classic has sold for $90,000, according to the site. Another iPod on eBay had a list price of $180,000, though that seller seems to be having trouble finding a buyer. Meanwhile, a sealed first-generation iPod has sold for $20,000.

It’s possible some of the exorbitant sales are fake, but there are a number of iPods listed on the site for four-figure prices.

The $90,000 iPod — the highest seller — is a factory-sealed UK model of the special edition U2 iPod, originally sold in 2004. The engraved autographs of U2’s four members are on the fourth-generation iPod’s back side. (This might seem a bit ironic to some, considering that many Apple users recently wanted to get this fall’s new U2 album off their iOS devices.) “New” U2 iPods are going for about $4,000 on Amazon.

The U2 iPod comes with 20GB of space and is rated for 12 hours of battery life (a battery that hasn’t been used in a decade, however, will likely have serious performance issues, if it works at all).

The iPod classic was discontinued in September, and Apple CEO Tim Cook said in October that the decision was made because the company “couldn’t get the parts anymore, not anywhere on Earth.”

“The engineering work was massive, and the number of people who wanted it very small,” Cook said at the WSJ.D Conference. “I felt there were reasonable alternatives.”

Well, the “very small” number of people aching for an iPod classic are really aching for it. Non-U2 iPod classics are still selling for a healthy $500 or so on Amazon.

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I recently got my big SIM card cut and reduced to the tiny nano/micro SIM card and I wish to share with you how it was simply cut.

Anyway the SIM card in question was given to me at my work place for my phone that still has the macro SIM slot but I changed my mind and want to use it rather in my Tablet that supports only nano SIM slot.

Today, many phone manufacturers prefer the nano SIM to the conventional macro SIM card as modern devices crave to get thinner and slimmer than ever before. I shared my story because I feel you may have faced similar situation where you want to use your macro SIM card in another device with only a micro SIM slot.

How to cut your macro SIM card to small nano SIM
Before, I thought cutting SIM will prove to be a bit difficult because of the precision the SIM is cut to but it isn’t.

You can cut your SIM by either acquiring a handy machine called SIM cutter or pay someone else to do it for you.
However, I advice that you rather go to your network provider Customer care centre to get your SIM cut as SIM card trays and sizes varies across different providers and every customer care has a SIM cutter that fits their SIM the most.

After your SIM may have been cut, keep the other cut off SIM body safe because it serves as converter Peradventure you want to insert your now micro SIM in a phone with only macro SIM slot.

Goodluck! If you have any issued, do not hesitate to contact Mymobnet!

The iTel 1450 Android phone has been trending for a while and we wish to present the specifications review and price especially considering the fact that this is an Economic device because of its low price despite the Android OS and some of its features like great CPU and WIFI Hotspot. Read more “iTel 1450 Cheap Android phone Specifications review”

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You may have noticed a hike in the number of your installed updates that have queued up for update in your Playstore application and you wonder which to update but now we can show you why you may ignore any update notification that came to your phone from last week to now. Read more “Why you may wish to ignore Application update notifications on your phone since last week till now”

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You remember that we reported at Mymobnet! on September 20th, that Tecno phantom A2 or F8 Android Phablet would be coming soon? Today we present you a full specification review and price of this Android device. We actually did play with this device so you shall not be misguided. You are privileged to be tuned in to Mymobnet! E-Tech blog now so continue to see a unique review of this celebrated Phablet from Tecno before you consider finally making that purchase! Read more “Tecno Phantom A2 (AII) or F8 Review, Specifications, features and Price”