The iTel 1450 Android phone has been trending for a while and we wish to present the specifications review and price especially considering the fact that this is an Economic device because of its low price despite the Android OS and some of its features like great CPU and WIFI Hotspot. Read more “iTel 1450 Cheap Android phone Specifications review”

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You remember that we reported at Mymobnet! on September 20th, that Tecno phantom A2 or F8 Android Phablet would be coming soon? Today we present you a full specification review and price of this Android device. We actually did play with this device so you shall not be misguided. You are privileged to be tuned in to Mymobnet! E-Tech blog now so continue to see a unique review of this celebrated Phablet from Tecno before you consider finally making that purchase! Read more “Tecno Phantom A2 (AII) or F8 Review, Specifications, features and Price”

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For many months I have answered calls from Mymobnet! readers helping them find a better internet plan for their Android phones, computers and iPads plus data supported phones and devices and most importantly learning from their experience with the plans from lots of Internet Service providers in Nigeria, so am convinced that the best Internet plan and network for your phone, Android device and computer< b> is found here as you read on! Read more “The best Internet plan for Android, Nokia, Windows phones and PC”

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As part of the present trend to create more awareness on the need to switch over to Smartwatches, the $350 i’m Watch Android device has taken to Google adword advertising to more people and of course more Nigerians! You want to know what’s inside this watch?


• Flash Drive: 4 GB
• RAM: 128 MB


• CPU: IMX233


• 1.54” (diagonal) color TFT display
• 240×240 pixel resolution
• 220 ppi (pixel per inch)


i'm Android Smartwatches
i’m Android Smartwatches

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Operating system

• i’m Droid 2 (customized Android version)

Power and battery

• Built-in rechargeable Li-Po 450 mAh battery
• Charging from USB to computer system or via power adapter
• Standby time without Bluetooth™ connection: up to 48 hours
• Standby time with Bluetooth™ connection: up to 24 hours
• Time for generic use: up to 5 hours.

Compatible smartphones and o.s.

Many i’m Watch features require an internet connection via Bluetooth™ tethering. The main operating systems and/or phones that offer this technology are:

• Android 4.0+
• iOS® 4+

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• Blackberry 10+ (no SMS display)

• Not all phone models allow Bluetooth™ tethering.
• Not all versions of the same operating system allow Bluetooth™ tethering.
• Not all phone versions allow Bluetooth™ tethering.
• Not all mobile network operators allow Bluetooth™ tethering.

Note: i’m Watch is not a standalone phone and therefore needs to connect to smartphones.

Audio playback

• Supported formats: MP3


The materials change depending on the collections: i’m Watch Color Collection, i’m Watch Tech Collection, i’m Watch Jewel Collection.
Case: Aluminum, Titanium, Silver and Gold.
Strap colors: many different colors available.


• Magnetometer
• Accelerometer

Connectors and input/output

• 3.5 mm headphone, connection and power mini-jacks
• Microphone
• Built-in speaker


English, Italian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Czech, Dutch, Polish, Russian.

We didn’t compile this full specs, the source is here

Now the price of this device is $350 that is about almost N60,000!

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The question remains, How many Nigerians will spend such for computer-watch that isn’t gold-plated?

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Because you are here on Mymobnet!, you shall be the first to read about the leaked all new Tecno Phantom A2 (AII) Android phone!! We have the full specifications of this 13MP back and 8MP front camera phone plus a 3.75G Network, a 2630mAh battery and a quad core processor! You can’t wait to read the full specifications review below by Mymobnet! Read more “Tecno’s first Phablet: The Phantom A2 or F8, Be the first to see the full specifications”

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Are you searching for a free Bible study software for your Windows PC/device? Ok, I can tell you now that E-Sword Bible study application will still be among the best software for Study had the developers made it non-free! I only compare E-Sword with an Android application: My Sword which is its variant. Read more “E-Sword –the best FREE Bible Study Application on the Windows PC”

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On Tuesday #Apple inc. Launched new iPhones into the Market, the IPhone 5S and Iphone 5C. Many iDevice users took a long breath hoping they have got what they have been waiting for from their long silent but innovative company, alas! We here at Mymobnet! lab have seen disappointments in this supposedly Android killer company. This isn’t the innovation Read more “5 strong reasons why you will dislike the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C”

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Hurray! Apple has finally launched their very long awaited iPhone 5 flagships: the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c on Tuesday 10/09/2013. Know the difference between these two titans.

For so long Apple fans have waited for this release even since the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S3 which threatened the survival of the California based Apple company. Read more “Apple iPhone 5S Vs (difference) iPhone 5C budget phone -With Video”

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The much awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android device nicknamed ‘Phablet’ is finally here. This device was called a Phablet i.e Phone-Tablet because of its huge size compared to typical mobile phones and its little size compared to Tablet devices. It is uniquely 5.7 inch device with full HD display, this is so cool for those of us that don’t mind going about with fat devices that’s worth the size and price! This device that supports up to 64GB SD comes with great preloaded hardware and software features, take a look at them here: Read more “Samsung Galaxy Note3 Android Phablet -A must own!”