Welcome to repair.ng. We are experts in the repair of Solar power inverters here in Nigeria. We fix various kinds of Inverters like:

  1. Pure sine wave inverters
  2. Modified sine wave inverters
  3. Solar/Hybrid Inverters
  4. High frequency Inverters
  5. Low frequency Inverters.

Some of the common Inverter problems that we have repaired so far includes but not limited to:

  1. Power problem or Inverter not turning on
  2. Continuous alarm beeping showing various error codes
  3. Inverter not charging batteries effectively
  4. Inverter power and control board repair
  5. Inverter power and control board replacement
  6. Power Inverter working just in Inverter mode
  7. Power Inverter LCD or display problems
  8. Inverter getting too hot
  9. Inverter fan not working
  10. Power inverter not transferring to ‘NEPA’ or Inverter not inverting
  11. Inverter not charging  on battery mode
  12. Inverter not charging on Generator mode
  13. Burnt Inverter
  14. etc.

How to repair your broken Inverters with Repair.ng:

We have well trained and certified technicians that will fix your inverter and turn it to a brand new one. Use the booking form below to get started and our team will contact you shortly.