Android phone and Tablet users will be familiar with this one problem that frustrates someone. “There is insufficient space on the device” message most times pops up when one wants to install an application. In this article, we shall show how you can free up your device’s storage space and subsequently install any application of your choice. Read more ““There is insufficient space on the device” -How to stop this error message when installing apps”

The iTel 1450 Android phone has been trending for a while and we wish to present the specifications review and price especially considering the fact that this is an Economic device because of its low price despite the Android OS and some of its features like great CPU and WIFI Hotspot. Read more “iTel 1450 Cheap Android phone Specifications review”

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You remember that we reported at Mymobnet! on September 20th, that Tecno phantom A2 or F8 Android Phablet would be coming soon? Today we present you a full specification review and price of this Android device. We actually did play with this device so you shall not be misguided. You are privileged to be tuned in to Mymobnet! E-Tech blog now so continue to see a unique review of this celebrated Phablet from Tecno before you consider finally making that purchase! Read more “Tecno Phantom A2 (AII) or F8 Review, Specifications, features and Price”

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Hello today we want to know if you have reasonable problem with your Android device Music player especially those running a 4.0+ OS device. Yes the latest version of any thing isn’t always the best. A classic example is what we get from the subsequent versions of the Android music player. Many users have complained of bugs which pushes the old version to the rank of being called a Classic. Read more “Problem with your current Android music player? You can get a Gingerbread Music player!”

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Because you are here on Mymobnet!, you shall be the first to read about the leaked all new Tecno Phantom A2 (AII) Android phone!! We have the full specifications of this 13MP back and 8MP front camera phone plus a 3.75G Network, a 2630mAh battery and a quad core processor! You can’t wait to read the full specifications review below by Mymobnet! Read more “Tecno’s first Phablet: The Phantom A2 or F8, Be the first to see the full specifications”

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Hello! You remember in the 15th of March we reported in this post that Blackberry Messenger will be coming to Android on summer? Now after long consideration, Blackberry has finally and we at Mymobnet! Authoritatively gathered that Blackberry Messenger also known as BBM will be available for download to both Android and iOS devices from September 21, this week! Read more “BREAKING: BBM for Android and iOS coming from September 21 this week for free download!”

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Not a few readers of Mymobnet! blog have called and asked me my take on the best mobile browser for Android devices. We shall look into this hot discussion under this post: Which mobile phone browser is the best for Android devices? So why don’t you read on?

First of all we wonder what ‘Best’ can really mean!

I think the general definition of best is better than all others, isn’t it? So are we really out there searching for the mobile browser that is better than all others? First and the primary thing I want to make it clear is that this isn’t like in an Olympic race where one comes up first and the other last. What we’re trying to say here at Mymobnet! lab is that many top browsers that runs on Android platform has some good or unique feature that has kept them on the niche, so its easier to write about a recommended Android browser than a best browser. Read more “Our list of best Mobile phone Internet browsers for Android devices?”

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How much of #Android do you know? We shall provide below a full list of all the available versions of Android Operating system from the first time of release.

Many lovers of Android today are only modern generation users. Some of us only started with Gingerbread 2.3 while many others first got to know the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. Frankly speaking, I hated Android before the release of the Gingerbread OS, but one thing was certain to me: The future of Android OS was and is very bright. Then I loved the Windows Mobile platform even more than the iOS.

The picture below will give us a fascinating view of all the known Android platform releases till date and their year of release!

Android versions

List of all the known versions of Android Operating System plus year of release

  1. Alpha 09/2008
  2. Beta 02/2009
  3. Cupcake 04/2009 Version 1.5
  4. Donut 09/2009 Version 1.6
  5. Eclair 10/2009 with sub versions 2.0, 2.1
  6. Froyo 5/2010 Version 2.2
  7.  Gingerbread 12/2010 with sub versions 2.3; 2.3.2; 2.3.3; 2.3.7
  8. Honeycomb 02/2011 with sub versions 3.1; 3.2
  9. Icecream Sandwich 10/2011 with sub versions 4.0.3; 4.0.4
  10. Jellybean 08/2012 with sub versions 4.1.X; 4.2.X; 4.3.X
  11. Kitkat 09/2013 Version 4.4, Etc.

Now I hope you’ve learnt a lot from this piece. We shall publish a follow up article on this soon, so make sure you follow @Mymobnet and like our page!

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Hello Everybody! We sometime ago told you about the Android Jellybean 4.3 Yea! Report reaching Mymobnet! E-Magazine is that another new Android Operating system is on the way, this new OS shall be called the KitKat, that sounds nice, doesn’t it? You want to know when to expect it? Read more “It’s Official The Next Android OS 4.4 shall be called KitKat!”

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Channels TV mobile app
Channels TV mobile app

Do you own a mobile device like Android, Symbian, Blackberry and iOS and you need the best Nigerian TV app that lets you watch live TV program from anywhere in the world? Read on to find which one to choose!

Until Nigeria actualises her TV digitalisation program; mobile and Internet users will always want to live stream our local Television contents directly to their mobile/portable devices. If you love Nigerian media/Entertainment Industry, you would certainly love to watch Nigerian TV from anywhere in the world and anytime.

Unfortunately, there are no many Nigerian TVs that can boost of an effective TV application that works, so we narrowed our post down to the 2 great live TV applications for Mobile from two leading TV stations in Nigeria. They are the AIT TV mobile app and Channels TV mobile app. You want to watch Nigerian TVs via the net? Watch as many as you could find from Playstore but don’t forget these two!

Now, its a bit difficult to choose the best TV app for mobile and we shall attempt to aid you to select at least from these two applications!

AIT TV mobile app:

AIT TV mobile TV for Android is one the best free apps that provide live streaming of a Nigerian TV station. This app is official which means that it is owned by DAAR Communications PLC.

AIT TV mobile application
AIT TV mobile application

The (perhaps) only coolest feature about this app is that it streams AIT programmes on the go! No working Settings menu and its just a TV app.

Channels TV mobile app:

This great application provides you with not only a LIVE streaming program but also News stories which is what Channels TV is known for. The News stories ranges from recent stories to Entertainment updates.


The app also has an interactive social tab that links to their various social Networking pages. The Live TV tab connects you to a live streaming link of the TV broadcasts in almost real time. You can optionally watch Channels TV from this link via your factory Video player or any other installed media player like Mx Player and Mobo player.

Judging by the quality of Application, the Channels TV app is far better than the AIT TV app. But we cannot rate any the best because Channels TV is mainly a News/Politics channel while AIT TV channels has a versatile programmes that you will also like.

To download any of these Live TV apps, search them in your device Playstore or Market.