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Many of us face power crisis often, we must recharge our batteries at least once every day. This applies mainly to those mobile device users who want to utilise many of their phone’s functions ranging from Internet users, Music and video lovers, etc. How can we conserve the energy of our Batteries to make it last longer? Read more “How to save your Phone’s Battery! –Tecno”

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Nokia is not a new name in the world’s mobile industry. It is infact one of the oldest name. A rough statistics have it that 5 out of 7 phone owners in Nigeria alone owns or have once owned a Nokia phone that is about 70% ! This is demonstrated by the fact that only few designated shops sell Android, Blackberry and iPhones. Many big cities in Africa can’t boast of a single phone store that sells an Read more “5 reasons why Nokia must dominate Africa and third world Market!”

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I am a friend of high-end devices especially Android powered phones. Infact my phone apart from my PC is my best friend because I use it all the time from gaming to Live stream TVs. As a Nigerian (no disrespect), I always wanted Read more “One of the best free application that will make your Android phone last very long -Easy Battery Saver app”

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Today we shall be looking at how to improve the battery life of our mobile devices. You may have observed that your battery doesn’t last up to the factory specified period. This article will make your phone battery last far more than the manufacturer’s specification. This is no exaggerating.

What you shall read now can be applied to PC, Laptop, tablets like iPad and other gadgets.

Screen Brightness: From the many devices tested by Mymobnet! we understand that very bright screen is a major ‘drainer’ of battery. We advice that you adjust your phone brightness a little below normal. Note that very bright screen strains the eye.

Temperature: Keep your mobile device away from direct source of heat like Sun or fire. If your battery gets hot while charging remove the cover  for proper ventilation. Watch out for

Read more “Make your mobile phone battery last ten times longer!”