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As we at Mymobnet joined the rest of the world to watch Blackberry fulfil their promise of releasing the BBM to the Playstore on Saturday, we all got disappointed at the turn out of the whole event especially after their said time of launch elapsed. I actually downloaded a leaked version of the BBM for Android which now tells me to subscribe to their Newsletter to let me know when they will finally release the said IM app. This is simply because they have deactivated the leaked version server making it inaccessible. Read more “Why we disabled BBM for Android till further notice –Blackberry”

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Yes, this is the day we have been waiting for! At last the Blackberry Messenger for Android shall be made available to Android users and no more exclusive to Blackberry device users!

We have already written a lot about this so we just want to know who’d be the first to install the BBM when its first released!

Blackberry Messenger
Blackberry Messenger

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I shall not provide the exact time when this app will be officially unveiled in the playstore in this present post, just stay around to know! Okay check your Playstore from 12:00PM Nigerian time (GMT+1)


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Hello! You remember in the 15th of March we reported in this post that Blackberry Messenger will be coming to Android on summer? Now after long consideration, Blackberry has finally and we at Mymobnet! Authoritatively gathered that Blackberry Messenger also known as BBM will be available for download to both Android and iOS devices from September 21, this week! Read more “BREAKING: BBM for Android and iOS coming from September 21 this week for free download!”

Good news, isn’t it? It’s now official that BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) will soon be available for download in Android phones and Tablet plus the iOS that is iPhones, iPads and all the compatible (i)s!

Look at the official statement we got from Blackberry: Read more “At last BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) available for Android and iPhone iOS download this Summer”

For some years now, people flood BlackBerry stores to purchase BB phones, not mainly because of BB Hardware or software but simply because of BlackBerry’s famous chat application: BlackBerry messenger also known as BBM. Now if it is true that people don’t actually love the BlackBerry platform as their sales suggest, we now wonder what it shall be like if we provide a BBM Apk, Sys and jar download link for Android, Symbian and Java phones. Read more “Download BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Android, Symbian, iOS and Java phones?”

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Now you shall know why the Blackberry (BB) Messenger app is not that great as it sounds and why we dislike it and won’t recommend it. Read Best 5 chat application for your phone.

BlackBerry Messenger BBM
Why we hate BlackBerry Messenger BBM

Yes it is no longer new that pinging is to Blackberry as Internet Explorer is for Windows. But how true is this? Yes, it is true that Blackberry Messaging (BBM) is exclusive to Blackberry devices but many directly or indirectly exaggerate this to mean that there is no Read more “6 reasons why we do not like and recommend Blackberry messenger”