For those of us who still think they got all they are supposed to get from their Tecno n7 box, this article may prove it false to some people. I decided to post this because a lot has changed since we first reviewed the Tecno n7 was it was released and now that some months have passed by. The accessories of the Tecno n7 Android phone ain’t the same no more, another free gift has been added so don’t be fooled by your Tecno dealer!

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Tecno n7 Accessories

Before I go on with the follow-come Tecno n7 accessories, I must share with us the idea that came into my mind when I saw a Tecno n7 advert poster on a wall in the phone market 2 days ago.

Tecno n7 poster
Tecno n7 poster

That picture displayed a Tecno n7 phone standing on a desk stand with desktop-like Keyboard and Mouse attached to it. Anyway, it must be a mere but captivating art work from Tecno Mobile, but wait, what if there is a Keyboard and Mouse accessory for the Tecno n7 Android phone? Wouldn’t it be great if we get a wireless Keyboard as an (paid) accessory for faster typing and less touching of the screen? That’s by the way!

Once again Tecno n7 Accessories:

  1. Free n7 Flip case: Yes I understand that some of us don’t know anything about this #1 accessory from Tecno Mobile. Yes Tecno is now giving a free plastic back and leather front-flip casing for your brand new Tecno n7. Unfortunately this wasn’t available for the first buyers but its available now only if you buy from an authorised and sincere dealer.
  2. Free earpiece:
    Tecno Earphone
    Tecno Earphone

    This is another accessory that comes with you n7 Android device. The colour is mainly white with Tecno tag on it. See what we think about Tecno earpiece here.

  3. Free USB cord + Power pack: Inside all the Tecno Android phones are a black charger and a detachable USB wire.
  4. Free Screen guard:  Every n7 comes with a factory screen guard placed on it. You may not notice this but look at your device screen carefully to see it. I still advice you to place another screen protector on it.

If you couldn’t find at least #2, 3, 4 in your n7 box, you must contact Tecno official representative to find out why.

All these are still given to us at an affordable price of N30, 000 (best price is N29K)


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