Where and How to repair your broken Inverters, Voltage regulators, stabilizers and solar charge controller any where in Nigeria

So today we will provide a useful guide to anyone who wants to fix Power Inverter, voltage regulator or stabilizer and solar charge controller in Nigeria.

This article is to formally introduce repair.ng gadget repair company. At repair.ng, we have engineers and well trained technicians that will fix any issue that is wrong with your device including Integrated Circuit and motherboard replacement. Our engineers and technicians are well trained and will fix and replace damage electronic components in the situation where the board can not replace or as we deem perfect for the case. This will bring your faulty Inverter, voltage regulator and stabilizer, and solar charge controller back to life.

How it works:


As stated in the picture, you head to www.repair.ng and click on the repair form to provide the details of your faulty gadget and your preferred pickup location. You decide to bring the gadget to our repair center or our dispatch team will pick it up from you. This service is available only to Lagos customers. We diagnose the gadget, fix the gadget and it will be ready for collection.

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